HI my friends, i am Junior Strickland 

I am from Raeford, NC

 i am a classic country singer 

 Member of ISSA

The album “No Resolution,” can be previewed here: https://soundcloud.com/michal-towber-prywes/sets/no-resolution-masters/s-91QmC === BIO === Michal released her first record, "Sky With Stars", on SONY/Columbia at 17. She was mentored by Billy Joel, who noted "she's a great songwriter"; and fellow Hunter High School alum, Lin-Manuel Miranda ("Hamilton"), recently tweeted that she was "always the most talented person in our class." In 2005 she won an EMMY award for OUTSTANDING COMPOSITION on the daytime television drama "One Life to Live". Her music has been featured by SONOS, Rdio, Canon, and Urban Decay. ===== VIDEOS ===== LIVE @ GUITAR CENTER, NYC [April 5, 2018]: 

“Escapade new single Take My Love contains the type of brit-pop infused soaring guitar you’re going to love right now” BBC Introducing (East Midlands) "Exhilarating. Big, bouncy sounds. Relentlessly punchy rhythms. Dripping with dynamism" -MusicInLeicester Magazine Escapade Bio 2018 “It’s lovely what you’re doing, it’s a dog eat world my friend, and all of you stick to what you’re good at, and that’s music” These are the encouraging words of Kasabian vocalist Tom Meighan given to fellow Leicester hailing rockers ESCAPADE, support sparked by their single ‘Stepping Stones’. It was reinforcement to the natural instinct and passion within the band to push themselves and their sound; an organic intent poised to make 2018 the band’s most striking year yet. Escapade grew from the creative union of singer/songwriter Sam Wyatt and guitarist/songwriter Adam Bailey, emerging in the autumn of 2015 with its potent line-up subsequently completed by bassist Jordan Alleston and drummer Martin Wenham. Embracing influences across the band from sixties sounds to Oasis, Stone Roses and Leicester legends Kasabian, the quartet soon stirred attention with debut EP ‘Stepping Stones”, its title track and lead single the trigger to rich praise as that above. Live Escapade was just as resourceful and swiftly built a local fan base, the band making their debut at two charity music festivals quickly followed by a slot at the Salford Music Festival. Their increasingly individual sound inspired by Britpop/Psychedelic Rock soon saw that support relentlessly grow outwards as first their EP stoked the fire of national attention to be followed by acclaimed single “Red Sky’ in 2017. Their most successful year to date, Escapade spent the remainder of the year gigging and writing new material. They also took part in the SoundWaves Music competition, making the finals which will be held February 24th, 2018 at the O2 Academy in Birmingham. The year also saw their sound flourish and breed new imagination and maturity, evidence of its growth soon to be unveiled in a new single this February. The song is the first of a quartet of tracks scheduled for release in 2018, tracks showing a bigger and bolder Escapade ready to gather a wider audience and backed by a live presence which the band is similarly relentlessly honing and stretching. Escapade is focusing on 2018 being the moment they make a rich impact on the British rock scene, a mission a great many more are already climbing on board with. They recently reached the goal of being crowned Soundwaves Music Competition Birmingham Winners! Performing in front of a sold out O2 Academy2 Birmingham crowd.

Since 2007, creating good music. Vanilla Base restart again this year to play their best songs and return to the stages. Julie ,Quique, Luis, Jesus, and Manolo form this pop rock band, willing to captivate the audience with a fusion of their different styles and their musical influences. Rhythms for dancing, lyrics to listen and a lot of energy, all this with a vanilla touch… It was the end of summer 2007 when after many years together, the members of the group decided to regroup and begin to work after a break. A new vocalist and bass guitarist joined the already consolidated group which chose to recuperate some of their previous songs and leave out others, in addition to changing their name. With the incorporation of the new vocalist singer seven new songs were developed with a completely different focus and direction, giving rise to the name "Vanilla Base" with a new colour and flavour for a new journey. As the bass guitarist joined, several live performances were organized by the group including their appearance on a television show. The group then also recorded a demo CD with four songs. Its members have plenty of new ideas and plans for the future. So with this new base we would like to invite you to join us on a journey through the world of music of Vanilla Base filled with new sounds and a touch of vanilla. Vanilla base vanillabase@gmail.com http://www.vanillabase.es/ http://www.myspace.com/vanillabase  A story with a touch of vanilla, Vanilla base vanillabase@gmail.com 

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Give Me A Sign Un matin à New York avec Toi Grady Metoyer Hi I'm Grady Lark Singer Songwriter....Please Consider some of my original Musick For Your Station.

....... Thanks .......

Grady Lark

Dan Barcan songs are magical, hooky & catchy as you can get!! Dan-Barcan-is-a-singer-songwriter-instrumentalist-Rock/Pop-(With-Blues,Folk,New-Wave,Alternative,World,Ska,Modern-Vintage,Mod&Country elements)...from New Jersey, USA, who started guitar at a young age of ten and before you know it recording lots of songs and playing in bands out live. And took off many times to England (via London, Brighton (where he sometimes co-ran the Brighton Pier Radio Station, Manchester, Liverpool and Oxford & Bournemouth and Scotland (Glasgow & Edinburgh) & Wales (Cardiff) as well as Canada (Toronto) and of course the U.S. of a (USA). I am also being spotlighted on countless radio stations throughout the world... Visit him at

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Encouraged by family members from the age of 13 Anthony Mellish aka Tony Prophit began to pursue a career in the music and entertainment industry. After migrating to Toronto Canada in his early 20s he dedicated to dedicate his life completely to music. Early in his career he made his rise quickly to prominence after receiving numerous awards in the early 90s. Reclaiming his mark in the music scene Tony Prophit releases a new single entitled “Your Love” which was recorded at PHS Entertainment for Dugal International. Since gracing the airwaves of VIBE105 Toronto’s ONLY Urban Alternative Radio Station for it’s World Radio Premier during the Rebel Vibez show with Carrie Mullings "Your Love" has been a highly requested song. Tony Prophit engulfs his life around good deeds and maintains his support for the less fortunate persons out there in the world. He also took part in charity events and recently returned to Jamaica in June where he launched one of his singles and confirmed he will be hosting another Pre-Back to School Treat like he did in 2016 where he presented over 5000+ students from Montego Bay to Negril with thousands of educational items such as bags, books, uniforms and a wide variety of school supplies. Tony Prophit was supported by his wife Odette Mellish and gained inspiration in his career. She is also a co-writer in some of his songs which depict him reaching out to own his spot in the industry. Tony Prophit is now gearing up for his big show back home in Jamaica during August 2018.

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