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DJ Rock,
Hello and welcome to the Rockin' I play Number 1 hits , Motown and of course Rock.From the 60's thru the 90's. I am the owner of the station and I am a Veteren of the U.S. Army.I have been in the music business for over 30 years running my own clubs . We welcome all of our Military, active , retired , and veterans to come join us for some fun and music.

Hi Rockin Fans this is DJ Casper, your giggling ghost host, I am on air Wednesday nights from 9 pm to 12 eastern, I play mostly 70's 80's to the new music, when i get requests that is when i really start to giggle, as i want to play what you want to hear.

I am DJ Summertime....Mondays 1pm to 3pm.. .I play various kinds of music.....I believe everyone should always stop and smell the roses everyday...Life is to beautiful.....not toooo.....I love music and people as well :)

I am DJ Kate, Dates & Tuesday-Thursday 3pm - 6pm EST ... Music genre: Pop...pop/80s...Small Bio: I'm a writer (travel blogger), book worm, artist, historian, genealogist, mother, wife, ... grandmother of 4 girls, musican with a wicked sense of humour.

I'm DJ Stella. If Janis Joplin and Iggy Pop had a love child it would be me. I am a rocker chick with a sprinkle of Americana, and a dose of Jam Bands. Music speaks when words fail...Peace and Love my friends.

I am DJ_GIZMO I love doing fill ins and playing Country, Rock and Blues... I go by babydoll63 on Trillian.... MY Dj schedule is on Tuesday at 6pm EST and on Saturday at 3pm EST ... I love taking requests from the listeners and having fun.

I am DJ Bunny,short bio - i am an unloader at asda, internet addict, music enthusiast (comes from having musical parents). i have 4 beautiful grown kids and two beautiful girl angels. i'm a widow and the daughter of three british parents even tho i was born american. i'll be on air tuesdays and thursdays from midnight to 3 est, 5 - 8 gmt. i play just about anything but perfer 80's pop, my favourite being george michael.

I'm DJ Skillz, I will be playing a mixed bag of music - along with any requests. My favourite singers are Rachel Platten and Brantley Gilbert.I am from originally from Boston USA but now live in New Hampshire Please come and join me , have fun with me as I'm fun loving and enjoy music

Hi Rockin' enthusiasts!! I'm DJ T-Pau. I've always loved music, and enjoy hanging online with friends. I am also I Sci-Fi nut. Anything from Star Trek and the other Sci-Fi Shows on TV. I love all types of music and don't know where to begin, everything from country, pop, rock, etc. Really love dance music too. Put on your Boogie Shoes and join me - Noon to 3PM Mondays - Fridays!!! Get that blood flowing early in the day, great music is better than coffee!!!!

I'm DJ TrippI, I am 47 live on top of a mountain in the Ozark foot hills love wolves. Family has 2 malamute too. Devoiced and happy and enjoying the music. Prefer country music but will listen & play all music.