DJ Rock, Hello and welcome to the Rockin' I play Number 1 hits , Motown and of course Rock.From the 60's thru the 90's. I am the owner of the station and I am a Veteren of the U.S. Army.I have been in the music business for over 30 years running my own clubs . We welcome all of our Military, active , retired , and veterans to come join us for some fun and music.

I am DJ Summertime....Mondays 1pm to 3pm.. .I play various kinds of music.....I believe everyone should always stop and smell the roses everyday...Life is to beautiful.....not toooo.....I love music and people as well :)

I am DJ Kate, Dates & Tuesday-Thursday 3pm - 6pm EST ... Music genre: Pop...pop/80s...Small Bio: I'm a writer (travel blogger), book worm, artist, historian, genealogist, mother, wife, ... grandmother of 4 girls, musican with a wicked sense of humour.

Hi Rockin Fans this is DJ Casper, your giggling ghost host, I am on air Wednesday nights from 9 pm to 12 eastern, I play mostly 70's 80's to the new music, when i get requests that is when i really start to giggle, as i want to play what you want to hear.

My deejaying days only started recently and I am enjoying it so much. My Hubby, DJ Kevin, just popped me behind a microphone one day to join him during his shows. Over that time we have developed what we hope is fun happy show with a little banter and great music. After several jobs including factory work and forteen years caring for sufferers of dementia in the city or Perth, Australia, a hard but satifying part of my life, I gave up full time work when Kevin and I moved 1500 miles to a small town of Wallaroo in South Australia where we both enjoy a peacefull, quite life style. I love reading, gardening, music, playing Bingo, watching "Chick Flicks" and of course deejayin at Rockin' Round The Clock Radio. Talking to our listeners has done so much to build my self esteem and confidence. I would recommend it as the greatest therapy ever We have our much loved mini poodle Jamie and the most entertaing talkative Bengal cat Jewel. I have a pet seagull I call Johnathon. He visits every morning and evening and shares the food I take to him with smaller birds, once he chases away other scavenging seagulls. Thank you for listening to Rockin. It is not just another radio station. Sandy

In reality, I am not really that grumpy, I am just surrounded by people that are too damn happy. The name of my show is Anything Goes because I play anything and lots of it! I have been involved with music my whole life –I started playing musical instruments and singing from back when I was a pre-teen. I am older than dirt now – I was old ten years ago but as long as there is music in me, I will remain young at heart. I enjoy the occasional bottle of wine – why stop at just one glass? I am an over-fed, long haired leaping gnome as well as an over 40 victim of fate. I have worked in project management for over 25 years and have been married to the same woman for longer than she cares to remember (the woman deserves a medal). What inspired me to be an internet radio host was fond memories of a DJ from my high school years – Bernie Smith from Barnesboro, PA and WDAD in Indiana, PA. Bernie used to host the summer dances in the high school gym and often I would help him set up – but that is another story for another time.

I am DJ_GIZMO I love doing fill ins and playing Country, Rock and Blues... I go by babydoll63 on Trillian.... MY Dj schedule is on Tuesday at 6pm EST and on Saturday at 3pm EST ... I love taking requests from the listeners and having fun.

I am DJ Bunny,short bio - i am an unloader at asda, internet addict, music enthusiast (comes from having musical parents). i have 4 beautiful grown kids and two beautiful girl angels. i'm a widow and the daughter of three british parents even tho i was born american. i'll be on air tuesdays and thursdays from midnight to 3 est, 5 - 8 gmt. i play just about anything but perfer 80's pop, my favourite being george michael.

Hello Rockin Fans I am DJ_Dory I am originally from Black Duck Newfoundland, Living in Halifax Nova Scotia , I am on the air every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights at 9 PM to 12 am eastern. I play mostly rock, dance, country, bluegrass, Irish, disco, and so much more mostly hits from the past to the present. I love music, it's been my whole life and I believe I was born to DJ. We welcome all listeners to tune in and visit our chatroom and encourage leagues that are not yet signed up with us and join the family. I love taking requests and having fun , Here at the Rockin' we throw an awesome party's , Come tune in and let's Rock .